Wednesday’s mass reading was from Luke 19:11-28.  It was about a nobleman who went to become king and left his servants with gold coins and instructions to engage in trade.  One gave back 10 coins, and was given 10 cities to control.  One gave 5 coins, and was given 5 cities, and one gave back the original coin and had not invested it at all.  His coin was taken from him and given to the first servant.

God not only gives us small responsibilities and small callings to see if we will respond, but also to prepare us for the bigger things.  To the servant who was very successful with the coins, he gave the most responsibility.  The servant was ready and able to take it on.  The other servant was not chastised for only making 5 coins, he was given a task that suited his abilities.  Be faithful and diligent in the small things that God calls you to do.  Invest your coin.  You never know what you are being prepared for.


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