I did an exercise the other day where I tried different positions in prayer and thought about how it made me feel.  I was surprised at the effects that each one had.  I learned that my hands were key to my openness to God.  If they were turned up, whether I was standing, sitting or kneeling, I felt like I was open to feel or hear Him.  If they were turned down, it was as if I closed myself off.  My head was the next thing.  Up – ready to receive anything He gave me.  Down – coming in sorrow or need.  If you are stuck in your prayer, look at how you are coming to God and how you want to come to Him.  Arms out, up, or down? Hands together, open, up, down?  Body kneeling, standing, laying down, curled in a ball?  Your need will dictate some of these naturally.  Try some new ones and see what happens.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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