Love Letter

When you read the Bible, how do you approach it?  It can be a textbook – a place to learn a history and get direction for how to live your life.  It can be a novel – lots and lots of crazy stories in there, and many touching and beautiful ones as well.  But most importantly it needs to be a love letter.  There are times when God or Jesus are angry and chastise the Israelites, the Pharisees, and people who turn away from God’s plan for them.  But it is always the anger of love.  If my child makes some really bad decision, I will be mad and frustrated because I know that they can do so much better.  I will do everything I can to try to direct them back.  But then look at the care that Jesus has for those who have nothing but a desire to be healed.  He is gentle, loving, drawing them in, encouraging them to live their lives in a new direction with joy.  If you don’t hear God telling you that when you read the Bible, you need to read again.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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