Making It Real

The second time that I watched The Passion, it was in a sunlit room with friends and we talked and discussed it as it played.  I think that is about the only way I can get through it.  I have to be able to step out of it for a minute on occasion.  I remember being so grateful when He finally died, that the suffering and torture were over.  I just kept wanting it to end, and then realized that actual event was much longer than the movie.  As I went through the Easter services – Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, they were transformed.  They were no longer just a story being told, but the re-telling of a great event.  We really short change ourselves when we hear it with so little emotion.  It’s overwhelming when you realize that it’s real.  I’m not sure why it never seemed so before, but I plan on preventing it from becoming just a story again.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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