Friend or Pet?

I heard an interesting question the other day- “Do you treat God as a friend or as a pet?”  I wasn’t too sure what to do with that one, and then the person clarified.  Friendship is based on a mutual relationship.  Both people in a friendship need each other and challenge each other.  If it is only one direction, it’s not a good friendship.  With a pet, there is a different level of relationship.  You can take very good care of the pet or not, and the pet has little choice in the relationship.  The hamster didn’t get to choose its owner, and is not going to challenge and support its owner.  It is there for your pleasure and use.  You may use it well, but it’s still a pet, and when you are tired of playing with it, you put it back in the cage.  Interesting thought.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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