Hidden Gifts


I received my great-grandfather’s First Communion certificate from my grandfather on the occasion of my First Communion.  It is a beautiful certificate, over 100 years old now, and was in an old, ornate frame.  I never changed it out, just moved it with me as I grew up and moved into my own home.  Finally, my mom asked me if I had even taken off the backing.  She had known – for I don’t know how many years – that there was a note in there from my now late grandfather encouraging me to hold onto my faith and wishing me God’s blessings.  He had been gone for several years, so it was a sweet touch, but also quite well timed.  I have taken off the back, reframed it, and the note is still attached, but no longer hidden.  I thought that the gift was the certificate.  It really was the thing hidden inside that took over 20 years to come out.  I can’t believe my mother was so patient, but God’s timing was, of course, perfect.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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