Have you ever heard the caution to not portray “all roads go to God”?  It’s a saying that counters the “everyone is okay, and nothing is wrong” culture of our day.  You want to be accepting and loving of everyone, but the truth is that not all roads go to God.  Some lifestyles, and even some spiritualities or cults lead directly away from God.  So, no, not all roads go to God.  But, I guarantee that God is on all roads.  Nudging, prodding, leading, hoping, loving.  Look at your road.  Where is it going?


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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5 Responses to Roads

  1. Ruth DeSario says:

    Hi Karen, just love this post… you use such few words to make the most meaningful statements. I absolutely love how you put your words together and really make us readers ponder your thought for the day! I check my inbox everyday to be sure I don’t miss a single post … Keep posting Karen I am convinced God has called you to be an inspiration to many!!!

  2. Karen May says:

    Ruth, I can’t even tell you how perfect your comment and timing are. Thank you for your encouragement. You bless me as well.

  3. lindaricke says:

    I just read your post after I wrote one on As I Was Saying…
    I guess our heads are in the same place.

  4. Dan says:

    In the course of writing my blog, I am constantly faced with this issue: Am I on the right road? It can be a difficult call sometimes. I am often very direct and the topics can be “indelicately delicate” to approach. I am constantly concerned about the possibility of directing people down a wrong road. Not all of my posts are so challenging, but most seem to be. My most recent one required a lot of scriptural research and quotes and in those I usually come away feeling confident I am not just tickling ears. I can be difficult not to get too full of oneself when writing.

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