Okay, one more “light of the world” thing.  When you are new to something – a new town, college, new job – you spend a good amount of time participating, looking, and getting a feel for where you are.  Once you are comfortable, it is natural to become a leader in some way.  It could be a formal position, or it could be an organic one like being a person people can come to for advice about a class, or where they can go to for a good lunch.  It’s the same with faith.  As you are new to it, you don’t have the confidence to really share it much.  You are still learning and figuring out where you fit in.  But, much sooner that you realize, you become a leader.  That light will start to shine, whether it is a formal or informal position.  I pray that you see today where you are leading and how that light shines, because I’m sure that it is.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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3 Responses to Leading

  1. On the other hand … when after around 30 years of believing and accepting you suddenly find yourself back to “seeking”, it’s a little disconcerting…

    • Karen May says:

      Oh, but that’s the most wonderful thing! It just means that you have a whole new aspect of God that you haven’t been ready for before. Just wait to see what He reveals. Keep seeking, and you will find. I promise!

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