Beautiful Day


We have had cold and rain here for the last couple days straight.  Pretty rare for us, but it was a great couple days to sit by a fire and watch the world go by.  Today, the rain is gone, the air is clear and brisk, and fall has come.  Days like these always refresh my spirit and help me to feel renewed.  Maybe it’s just that all the junk is washed out of the air, but isn’t that how life is sometimes?  We need the rain to wash away what was blurring our vision and clogging our brains.  When we come out of it, a new and shiny day has begun.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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One Response to Beautiful Day

  1. Very beautiful. One of my favorite lines is asking God to constantly renew our minds just like you said when asking God to wash away our junk. God bless you!

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