The wise men brought gifts to Jesus from their treasure.  What treasures do we have?  There are plenty of excuses for not sharing what we have – I’m too young, I don’t have enough money, I’m too busy. The thing is that we have many treasures, even if they don’t look like the standard ones. We may be able to talk to anyone and make them feel comfortable, we may be able to organize people together, or we may be able to pull out a couple dollars every once in a while and make a small difference in making the world a better place. No treasure is ever too small to make a difference. Whatever our treasures are, we have been given an example by the magi. We bring them to the cradle.  In the end, they are all gifts that we have received in the first place.  We’re just using them in the way they were intended.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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