Getting it Right

It’s funny, I’ve had several things lately where people (including me) don’t think that they are doing things right because it doesn’t look like a preconceived idea.  “I don’t have faith, because I don’t ________”  “I don’t pray, because it isn’t formal words and in the right position”  We hold ourselves to such high standards sometimes that we don’t realize what we do have. Most people I know have much more faith than they realize.  Most people talk to God in casual conversation, but don’t consider that prayer, when really it is one of the more intimate prayers there are.  Casual, but intimate in that God is part of your everyday.  It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t strive for more, it just means that we should give ourselves credit for what we do.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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