God has a plan

You’ve heard “God has a plan for you”, right? Sometimes when you really don’t want to hear it, and sometimes when you are right at the start of something, and hoping that He really does, because you don’t know where this is going. This is a comforting saying, and I think it is valid, but I heard in a homily something that turned it around a little bit. God may have a plan for you, but do you have a plan for Him? We set our goals, we know what career we want and what we need to get there, we plan what school we will attend, what positions we want to take to get to our goal, but do we have a plan to get to God, or do we just expect it to happen? If we have a plan, do we check it occasionally to see if it’s working or needs some tweaks? Sometimes it just happens, but sometimes we put blockades in the road that are quite difficult to get around. It made me think that it’s probably time for a review.


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2 Responses to God has a plan

  1. This speaks directly to me, especially now and for the past two years. New job on the horizon, fear that it isn’t in line with God’s plan, don’t know how to gauge it in the least bit. A year and half ago, I could have sworn everything I was doing was according to His will/plan and struggling to believe that it still is. Great post. God Bless.

    • Karen May says:

      It’s hardest to trust when everything is up in the air. Look for those moments of grace in it. Ask Him to close doors that need closed and open those that need opened. Then don’t be discouraged when a door is closed. See it as an answered prayer and keep looking. Glad this helped today. God bless!

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