Follow Me – 12

This is one of my favorite Peter moments. We continue at the Last Supper, and Peter, who has followed Jesus from the beginning, is ready to follow Him to the end. However, Jesus informs him that he will actually flee and deny that he even knows Jesus three times. Not very good at following right there. But, even before that, Jesus gives Peter instructions for when he turns back. He knows what will happen, and has already moved past it, because He needs Peter to strengthen the others who will do the same as he did. It’s not free license to turn away, but it’s a glimpse into how completely we are forgiven. We will all fall. That’s already a given. The point is not what we have done, but that we have turned back and are looking forward to what we are called to do. Because by then, it’s already been forgotten. (Luke 22:31-34)


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