Follow Me 14

So we leave the garden and the final steps begin. Jesus is arrested, tortured, and killed. I think we’re going to stay here for a couple days, because there are many ways to follow here. None of them are easy. I am reminded of people who come to me, disheartened because they are good, faithful people, and yet bad things are happening to them. I point them straight to this part. If God wouldn’t spare His own Son, why would He spare us? As Jesus walks through this part, He gives us hope. He shows us that even in our suffering, God’s work will be done. He has walked this path and will walk it again with us. Following here is hard, and it’s natural to try to avoid it, but when we can’t, we can gain strength in knowing that we have someone to go to who understands. (Matthew 27:1-56)


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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