Follow Me 16

Day 3 – stick with me just a little more, and we’ll move out of the tomb. It’s kind of appropriate anyway, don’t you think? Three days from death to resurrection. The climax of the Passion is the death of Jesus. All seems to have been lost. The entire thing is a failure, and all the hopes of His followers are crushed. But there is much work afoot. This is exactly the plan, because a new life entirely is being created. How do we follow here? We look for those things that need to die in our lives. Things that need to be buried and left behind, or things that need to be transformed. These can be bad habits, bad relationships, or wrong perspectives. We also follow by realizing that death is part of life. In our time, we are so far removed from it, that we hardly know what to do when it touches our lives. When we see this, we know that life is precious, but it also helps us to look beyond it to what is to come. That will be tomorrow. (Matthew 27: 45-66)


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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