Pick an Agenda

The Pope is here!! It’s been  interesting listening to the coverage. A reporter was talking about how we put Pope Francis in categories such as liberal, conservative, environmental, etc. and that vocabulary carries a lot of other meanings with it. She suggested that we need to look beyond those categories and see that he is not talking about a political agenda, but a spiritual one. The environment issue is not about business or resources, it is about the fact that we have been given this earth to guard and protect, and we should see it as the gift it is. Helping the poor, immigrants, and refugees is not a financial decision, but one based on the worth of all human beings and the dignity of each needing to be respected and fulfilled. If you listen to what he says over these next few days with that perspective, you will be challenged, no matter where you stand. May we all be able to hear a call, and at the same time, feel the love that he represents as the Vicar of Christ. Enjoy!


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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