The Sun and The Moon


These next couple themes from our retreat teams are both light related. The first one says “No longer will your sun go down, or your moon withdraw. For the Lord will be your light forever.” The part that the theme left off from the verse was this, “and the days of your mourning will be at an end.” Now, I’m pretty sure that the scripture is not talking about physical light, but a spiritual lightness. Darkness won’t matter, because the light of God fills our hearts. Although, even in the darkness, there are stars and the moon, so it’s not like there is no light at all.  We all have times of darkness, but this is a promise to each of us that it will not prevail. God is faithful, and the light will not be overcome. It’s kind of a theme that keeps coming up in the Bible. Don’t you think?


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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