Real Change

In his talk Down to Earth, Mark Hart talks about going to confession after a pretty scary plane flight that ended in an emergency landing. Darn those promises you make, huh? His description of it really hit me. It’s not that he was a horrible person, he was a pretty good guy, but like all of us he has his faults. But this time he went in not only saying, “This is what I have done,” but also saying, “This has been my motivation, this is the reason behind all the things I talk about, and I need God’s help to change it.” (my paraphrase) What a great way to see it. It’s not coming in and ‘fessing up to a parent who already knew what you did, but coming to the one who can help to heal the wounds, cure the ills, and restore the wholeness. And He just can’t wait for you to come.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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