Loss of Faith

I heard a talk the other day from a person who basically lost his faith because he didn’t agree or believe some of the teachings of the Catholic Church. He figured that since they were wrong on this one topic, they could be wrong about it all, and he threw it all away. Later, however, he was dealing with the loss of his mother and was able to find solace and comfort in prayer in a church. Hearing him describe the peace and comfort that he received was beautiful. The thing that saddened me most was that outside of this intimate time with God, he heard some other statement that made him angry, and couldn’t go back to that space of comfort and peace. In fact he saw all of it as lies. It broke my heart. How easily we let things that have little to do with our relationship with God break into that relationship. Who doesn’t have something that they disagree with in any organization? Who doesn’t have a person that rubs them the wrong way in a group? If you are stuck on a teaching or a person, look beyond it. It’s okay to struggle and to wrestle. Just don’t turn your back on the one who can help you through it.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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