Year of Mercy



The Jubilee Year of Mercy begins today. Just as a side note, a Jubilee year is one that was to be observed every 50th year. After 7 years of Sabbaths (the 7th day), it was to be a year of release from slavery and debt, restoring people to their families and land to their owners. So, our focus as we begin should be that of restoration. Restoration for ourselves and restoration for others. This mercy is a gift that we are given freely. Just look at the cross, to see the cost that was paid for us. Jesus didn’t come with might and wars, but came teaching in the temple, submitting to the hatred of those who couldn’t accept Him, and dying for the sins of the very ones who were nailing Him to the cross. Even those He saw with love, and His heart broke for them. Even those. How much then does He love us? How much will He extend mercy if we just ask? How then, can we do the same?


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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