The Whole Picture


Okay, I couldn’t stay away until New Years… As I sat at Christmas Mass, I was struck by the breadth of it. We start by placing the baby in the manger, and sing with the choirs of angels – Holy, Holy, Holy; Glory to God in the Highest; Hallelujah. Then we continue right into the Last Supper as we read through the consecration. Jesus tells us what is coming – He will be offering Himself for us. We go right from there to the broken Jesus, offered for us on the cross, and then beyond it, to the bread that He gives us in the Eucharist. And in a moment, we have gone from His coming into the world in a way that we can see and touch, to His entering our very bodies. The birth is nothing without the rest of it. And the rest of it makes the birth so much more amazing. I sat in awe as I received Him at that Midnight Mass. This little child, this life, this grace, and this love offered for me all wrapped up from start to finish in little over an hour. It is rare that we are given such a complete picture. I hope that we are all able to see it this Christmas season.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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