Bury the Dead

Most people don’t have to plan or participate in a funeral until well into adulthood. So, the act of mercy to Bury the Dead is not a very common one. Now, given the fact that the person is dead, the question is, “How can this be an act of mercy?” I think there are many aspects to this one. The simplest is that burying the dead shows respect. We don’t throw people away, we are reverent with the body that has served them in this life and we offer prayers for the person as they move to the next. As an act of mercy, wouldn’t prayers for the person’s soul be pretty opportune at the moment they are to meet God? I know that in the Jewish faith, the highest mitzvah or charitable act is to bury the dead, because there is nothing that the person can do in return. This is done purely because it is a charitable or merciful act. With all the rest, we can expect or hope for a thank you, or maybe even a chance at being repaid. That cannot happen here. It is complete gift. It is never easy, but it can be a beautiful moment of grace when you get there. Don’t miss out on it.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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