In general, we don’t like to be told that we have to obey something. Whether it be traffic laws, curfews, or rules of the house, when someone tells us that we “have” to do something, we tend to buck it. So, when my Bible study was looking at Paul’s mission “to bring about the obedience of faith,” (Romans 1:5) it felt a little demanding. However, I noticed that it was not about the obedience to faith, but the obedience of ir. That’s a whole different ball game. You stop at a red light because you know that it keeps you from getting hit crossing a busy street, not because the law says you must, right? In the same way, as your faith grows, as you come to know God more and more, and as you come to love Him, you become more and more obedient to your faith. You follow it out of love for God, and out of the desire to grow even more in your faith. I don’t go to church because I have to, I go because I want to. I go because my faith demands that I must, because it is there that I spend dedicated time with my Lord. It is there that I receive Him in the Eucharist. It is there that I live in community with others trying to walk the same path. That kind of obedience is easy.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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