My family and I love math. And almost more than that, we love helping people with math. You should see the tackling going on to get to the phone as my niece calls for homework help. Now, as we finish the corporal works of mercy and go into the first spiritual work of mercy, I have to laugh a little at the phrasing of “Instruct the ignorant.” Generally, calling someone ignorant is not the kindest phrasing. Yet, once again, it is about the heart of the action rather than the action itself. In helping people with math, my family wants to share what they have found, knowing that it can be intimidating and confusing at times. If we instruct the ignorant because they are less and we are better, then we haven’t done an act of mercy at all. In any area, and especially in the area of faith, we must instruct because we have discovered and we can’t keep it to ourselves. We instruct because we desire to share and spread what we know. And we receive instruction because every one of us is ignorant in some way. The mercy comes in the understanding that if someone is ignorant, they don’t deserve to stay that way, and we have a duty to do something about it in love if we can.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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