It was Easier in the Old Days


The Calling of Samuel – Joshua Reynolds

Doesn’t it seem like it would have been easier to know God in Biblical times? He keeps showing up, doing major miracles, leading as a column of fire, prophets standing on the corners, and all that stuff. If He would just do that now…. But it wasn’t always like that. As Samuel receives his calling, the story starts with, “During the time young Samuel was minister to the Lord under Eli, a revelation of the Lord was uncommon and vision infrequent.” (1 Samuel 3:1) This is pretty early in the Bible, and already it was uncommon to get a revelation. Even so, when Samuel gets his call in the middle of the night, Eli realizes that it is the voice of God. It takes a couple times, but he gets it. So, times aren’t really so different. Maybe today there aren’t any major miracles, maybe the sea isn’t splitting in half for anyone, but His voice is still there. His grace is still available. His call is still ringing. It’s just a bit more subtle. Listen.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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