I love how the media tries to figure out the generation that is entering their twenties and thirties. It’s so funny how they just don’t know what to make of them. I heard a report this morning about how they are surprising everyone and moving to 3 bedroom, 2 bath houses in the suburbs. They’re almost abandoning their “downtown hipster” lifestyle and becoming traditional. As I’ve watched my younger cousins do exactly this thing, I realize that the only way you are surprised by this is if you don’t actually know someone of that age. Having children in a downtown apartment with a balcony and no yard gets old fast. The appeal of space to roam and play without structure isn’t a weird thing; it makes perfect sense. The political arena is equally confused about their refusal to accept something just because it comes from an authority. It better come with some explanation and build ownership or they don’t buy it. Of course. It makes me think how often we assume that we know someone because of what our expectations of them are. How often do we assume that we know God because of what our expectations are? And, how often do we expect God because we know Him? There is a difference.


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