Being Used



Last Friday, my family and I went on a food run for Mobile Loaves and Fishes, feeding the poor and homeless. It was one of those magical nights where we just watched as God used us to do His work. As we opened the sides of the food truck, we found that we would be serving hot breakfast tacos with our regular meals, and we were so excited. Everyone loves warm breakfast tacos. At our first stop, a man asked if we had a blanket – he’d been so cold the night before. We never have blankets. Today, we had a blanket. Next stop, tons of kids and families. We have food, sheets, towels, and clothes. Everyone came away with enough. At the end of the last stop, we’re out of food, except for potatoes and four loaves of bread. There’s one man left. He’s up for the potatoes we offer, and asks if we have any bread. It just never stopped. And I can’t even explain to you the level of joy in everyone around us at each place. We played, we talked, we laughed, we served. The work was clearly God’s, and we were clearly blessed to be a part of it.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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