Palm Sunday

Palm Cross

This weekend starts Holy Week. If you’ve really been deep in Lent, this is where it all comes together. If you’ve kind of missed it, this is where you can pull it in. It’s not too late, and can still be an incredible gift. We start the week with Palm Sunday. It stands out a bit from the rest of the weeks because it is so joyful at the beginning. Palms are blessed, everyone processes in, Jesus is welcomed as a hero when He enters Jerusalem before the Passover celebration. But, how quickly we change. By the end of the service, we have made it all the way to the crucifixion. In real time, this took just a few short days. We all have our moments when we our faith is on fire, we feel connected, and all is right with the world. Then, one thing can happen and shake it all to the ground. So, as we start this week, don’t watch from the perspective of someone who would know better. Watch, knowing that we could easily be in that crowd, swayed by fear, swayed by public opinion and pressure, swayed by doubt. Then, watch what Jesus does with it.

As a bonus, here is a link to  directions for making a palm cross



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