Holy Week


As I sat in the ICU waiting room this weekend, hearing about the car accident that has a dear friend’s son in a coma, I was stunned at the start to this Holy Week. This family is experiencing the agony of the Garden, and the desolation of Good Friday as their son is hidden from them in this coma. They wait as we do on Holy Saturday. But in this time of waiting, what they are doing, and what the community around them is doing is praying. As I sat in the waiting room, it was filled with people, and the chapel was filled with more. There was laughter, there were tears, there was strength, there was weakness. But, the thing that rang through all of this was hope, and a knowing that God was near. You may not think that this faith thing is a big deal in your daily life, but I can tell you that it makes a world of difference in the ICU waiting room. Until you experience it yourself, you can’t believe the power of prayer and how you can actually feel a difference because of it. So, this Holy Week is being lived in a very real way right now. And in the end, we know that it all leads to Easter.

Please keep Kyle, his family, and the drivers of the cars involved in your prayers.




About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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3 Responses to Holy Week

  1. Mark Hairston says:

    Well said Karen. Jesus taught us to pray constantly, and I personally have faith that the SJN community, and all believers will pull Kyle through this very tough time. God Bless

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