Practiced Faith


To continue from  yesterday, I have to give you a picture of how faith makes things different. As we stood in the ICU waiting room, Kyle’s father was asking for prayers for the driver of the car that his son was in. The driver walked away from the accident and is fine physically.  I can’t even begin to imagine how heavy his guilt must be. Everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes have dire consequences. All of us have those moments when we realize that we did something we shouldn’t have, and wouldn’t do it now that we know what could happen. This consequence is terribly hard to bear. What a gift of life it must be to receive the forgiveness of the parents of your friend. Not begrudgingly, but completely and from a place of love and concern for you. Those acts of mercy I’ve been talking about? Here it is. It matters. Those sacrifices and practices of faith you’ve been doing during Lent? Here’s where they come into play. Because, when you practice them in the times it matters little, you are so much more capable of practicing them in times when it matters most.



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