Going In


Holy Week starts in earnest tomorrow and is my favorite time in the church year. We spend three days walking in real time with Jesus from the Last Supper to the Resurrection. How many of us know that “Jesus died for our sins”? It’s just a statement, and for most of us it is little more than that. The Triduum, the three days before Easter, helps us to make it a bit more real if we allow ourselves to be in them. The last couple days, I’ve shared with you a family who is going through their own Holy Week. Even though we are separated from them, we feel their pain and anguish. We are separated from the time and place of Jesus’ Passion, but maybe these days will help us to place ourselves in the moment. In doing so, we can understand in a new way what was done for us. Who knows where that will lead us? If your church doesn’t do a Triduum service, you can do it for yourself. I will include the readings for each day. These are long masses, two to three hours, but they are there to slow us down and place us in the midst of the event. Don’t rush through it. Sit in it, live it, experience it. It’s worth taking the time, I promise.



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