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One of the best things about telling an old story to someone who hasn’t heard it before is being able to recapture the emotions and wonder within it. I got to tell the story of the two men walking to Emmaus this weekend to a group of 10 year olds. As I set up the story, they jumped right in. These men were walking away from Jerusalem debating whether Jesus was really alive again. Some women said they saw Him, but these people just weren’t sure. The kids really got how incredulous this could be, and also saw that these figures didn’t actually believe it. They thought it was all over and were headed home. Jesus meets them and starts explaining everything to them, and they are begging for more from this person they don’t recognize. As He eats with them, they recognize Him and He disappears. The journey is forgotten and they race back. Why? The kids knew. No way would you have an experience like that and not go tell everyone. The kids were all ready to run themselves. And then, when the two men get back, everyone has similar stories. This is my favorite part. We can have an experience and doubt it the next day. Did I make that up? Was it just wishful thinking? No. We can share it, and we will be given others who have seen what we have seen and share our joy. Now, that’s a pretty cool story.

Luke 24:13-35


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Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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