Don’t Worry

Do you know the “Don’t Worry” passage in the Bible? It’s the one where Jesus explains that we aren’t to worry about what we are to wear, eat, or drink. I have always found that to be a little confusing. He tells us to learn from the flowers – that Solomon wasn’t dressed in as much splendor as they were. Well, doesn’t that mean that we could never reach the level of the flowers? Not seeing it yet. He summarizes by saying that if God provides so much for the flowers, won’t He provide much more for us? Then, I noticed that Jesus didn’t mention clothing. He’s talking about something more here. God knows we need clothes, food, and drink. There’s not a problem in working to get these things. However, if we seek the kingdom of God first, these fall in line, and the importance of the “splendor” moves from something so temporary and disposable to something even greater. Our clothing is heavenly, our food is eternal, our drink is life-giving. The radiance of someone filled with the Holy Spirit is more beautiful than any outfit they could ever put on. It is this that we have been promised, and we don’t need to worry whether it is a promise that will be kept.

Matthew 6:25-34


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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2 Responses to Don’t Worry

  1. So true, and yet so hard to live out!

    • Karen May says:

      I know! It’s easy to say when the pantry is full, and rent is paid. Much harder when all that is uncertain. But, all the more wonderful when we can watch and see how it happens, instead of getting by and not realizing the blessings we’ve been given, isn’t it?

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