Comfort the Afflicted

I was wrestling with what I was going to say today, and thought I’d look at the next Act of Mercy. It is to comfort the afflicted. Of course. Hasn’t that been my theme here the last couple weeks? The mercy in this one is hard to miss. The tricky thing in this is the approach. To comfort someone who is afflicted, we have to get close to suffering. It could be physical, mental, or emotional, but the bottom line is that it is suffering. There are many of us who are not comfortable with affliction. What do you do next to a hospital bed? What do you do with a sobbing friend across the table at lunch? As with all of our acts of mercy, it starts from a place of love. If you truly love someone, you share their pain, and can walk into it to bring a small touch of grace. If you love someone, you can see past the pain to see the hope in a hug, an encouraging word, or a suggestion for help. This isn’t a place of answers or healing. It’s just a place for them to rest for a moment before they pick up and continue their journey.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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2 Responses to Comfort the Afflicted

  1. Simone Krasan says:

    I have been meaning to tell you how wonderful and timely your messages have been. Thank you from all of us readers😘😘

    Simone c.


  2. Karen May says:

    Thank you, Simone

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