Return of the Prodigal Son – Rembrandt

This weekend, I won an award because my daughter wrote an essay about my being a wonderful mother. I don’t say this to brag (although I am deeply touched and honored), but to share a God moment. In her essay, she mentioned that she wasn’t the perfect daughter. When I disagreed, she just shook it off and looked at me like she knew I was lying. As I sat wondering how to convince her, I realized that what I want to tell her is what God probably wants to tell each of us.
She’s not a perfect person. I don’t think any of us could argue that we are. But, when she messes up, and when I point it out to her, she isn’t defensive, she isn’t angry. She looks, sees what she has done, explains or apologizes as needed, and changes her life accordingly. I couldn’t possibly ask for more. Perfect person? No. Perfect daughter? No doubt.
It’s the same with each of us. We will be corrected. We will be chastised. We will be formed. We won’t react perfectly. We won’t follow through all the way. But, we’ll try, and God will keep working on us. He will tell us over and over again that we are perfect in His eyes. We are worth it. It’s just hard to believe it sometimes, so here’s your reminder.

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Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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One Response to Perfect

  1. So easy to forget the difference and slide into self-condemnation. Thank you!

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