Ice Cream and Religion

I always find it funny when people say they don’t need religion because they don’t need help to be a good person. I know that I frequently benefit from a little correction, someone holding my feet to the fire, or that occasional total conviction of something I just wasn’t seeing. I have yet to meet someone who really couldn’t use that kind of support. I never know how to answer someone when they say that, though. It’s like the have a bowl, and don’t realize that there’s supposed to be ice cream, hot fudge sauce, and even some sprinkles in it. Yes, it helps me to be a better person. Yes, I am motivated to do better and be better for others. But, the blessing of Jesus being present and active in my life, the grace of God working with and through me, and the chance to set aside regular time to participate in and be a witness to the holy and the eternal makes the “better person” thing only a small part. Funny, too, that probably all of us get stuck on one part of the ice cream sundae and have to be reminded occasionally that the rest is there for the taking.


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2 Responses to Ice Cream and Religion

  1. I usually say that what they “need” isn’t the issue; it’s what’s true. If God doesn’t exist, no amount of needing will make Him be there – but in fact He does exist, and therefore you have to do something about it. Saying “I don’t need God” is a bit like saying “I don’t need to have summer this year.” Summer’s going to come whether you want it or not, so you’d better figure out what you’re going to do about it – do what you need to do to avoid being burned, on the one hand, and plan some happy days in the water on the other.

    • Karen May says:

      I LOVE that! I’m totally keeping that in my pocket to pull out as needed. What a great way to explain it. Looking forward to happy days in the water covered in sunscreen!

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