40 days. It’s the length of Lent, the number of days that Jesus was tempted in the desert, and the number of days and nights it rained as Noah was in the ark. In the Bible, it’s the length of time for purification, testing, and preparation. At the end of the temptation, Jesus was ready to start the work He had been called to do. At the end of the rain, and even though Noah still had to wait for the waters to recede, the work had been done. In Lent, if we have been attentive to it, we are renewed, strengthened, and ready for the release and joy of Easter. And 40 days is the amount of time between a horrible car accident, and a young man with a severe brain injury saying that he felt like he “woke up.” It’s just a random number of days, right? Maybe it is, or maybe it’s just one of those moments when God says, “I’m here. I’ve got this.” The thing is, we all get these little messages, every day. They can be easy to miss, but they are so beautiful when we notice them. Look around and see.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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