Down the Road


When Jesus called most of his apostles, they were busy in their everyday lives. Most of them weren’t even looking to do anything more. He came to them, they dropped everything and they followed. You have to wonder what they saw. Something was different, and it was strong enough to draw you in instantly. Wouldn’t you love to be that person? Look up, and there He is. No doubts, no questions, just real. Actually, even with these apostles, there were questions, there was confusion, and at the crucifixion there was major doubt. They were face to face with Jesus and yet, they still couldn’t understand it all. It gives me hope for all of us as we journey through our lives. The big moments, and the sudden conversions may be wonderful, but they are only a small part of faith. And, if you are one who is like most of us, and is on a steady, (or not so steady) but windy road, know that your faith can be found there, too. Even those big moments don’t last for the rest of your life. The road must be travelled regardless.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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