Don’t Go


“If you ever realize the Church isn’t doing what it should be doing, that’s not your invitation to leave, that’s your invitation to lead.” Father Mike Schmitz.

When you look at the church, what do you see? I can tell you what people see from a place of need. Yes, the priest, pastor, or youth minister may show up, and may even be a wonderful presence. But it is the person who says hello as you are walking in, it is the person who sits with you in prayer in the waiting room. It is the person who picks you up from the ground and takes you to the hospital. It is the person who works to improve the lives of the poor. These are the Church. These are not the people with titles. It is you and it is me. Without us, the Church is nothing. We can’t send in our donations and expect them to pay for the salaries of the number of people required to do what needs done. It’s impossible. Something really nagging at your heart? Guess where you’re being called to go. Hopefully, your donations are helping pay the salary of someone gifted enough to help you fulfill your calling.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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