Christmas Time


When I say that you need to start thinking about Christmas now, stick with me a moment. I’ve had mothers ask me in December how I make the Christmas story real for my children. How do you help the story come through the hype, and the toys, and the glitter, and the lights? While you can do many things at that point, it really starts now. The story of the birth of Jesus isn’t something that we pull out with the Christmas decorations and put away in January. It is a celebration of the birth of someone we know well. Young children, and even much older children, love to hear about how they and others were born. If they have been reading their little children’s Bible, hearing the Bible stories, and seeing God’s working in their lives all year, then celebrating the story of Christmas is a personal and wonderful thing. It’s not just some baby in a manger, it’s the Jesus that they know being born in a stable with animals, angels, shepherds, and a very full Bethlehem. There are parts of the story for everyone, adults and children alike, and because we know Him, we want to hear it again and again.




About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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