Asleep at the Wheel


Christ in the Storm – Rembrandt


I’m going to stick with the story of Jesus sleeping in the boat for just a bit more. It’s funny how many things one story can tell us. As a reminder, Jesus is crossing the sea with the disciples, and a violent storm pops up. Everyone is freaking out, the boat is taking on water, and Jesus is sleeping away. Must have been a really long day. He doesn’t do a darn thing until the disciples come and wake Him up in a complete panic. Even then, He acts as if they’re overreacting. “Why are you terrified, O you of little faith?” (Matthew 8:26) I know that I have been in situations where my response is, “Um, just look around. All this? That’s why.” The disciples response isn’t recorded – we just have to guess. Of course, Jesus does as they ask and calms the storm completely. The whole time, He knew that the storm was not a threat. All along, Jesus knew that God’s plan was going to happen, no matter what. There was nothing to fear in the first place. The waves were large, and the storm felt strong, but it was all in control.


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