Getting Directions

There are times when God is really working on a plan in your life. Have you ever felt that? There is clearly a path that you are following, or at least there is that knowing in your soul that God is leading you. You know that you are going somewhere, and maybe the destination has even been marked, but you’re only getting the directions as you come to the next turn. You never know if it will be smooth, potholed, mountainous, or come with beautiful views. You just know that the next direction will come as it is needed. I was telling a friend about a similar path that I am on right now, and she asked me, “Don’t you think God loves it when someone is listening? Don’t you think that He can’t wait to give you the next step?”

It stopped me for a second. I never thought of what God was like on the other side of this. How often do we truly trust and allow God to lead our steps? When we do, how wonderful it must be for Him. How He must delight in us. How He must enjoy taking us on the journey, knowing that each step brings us closer to Him. It just makes it all the more wonderful.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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