Got Talent?


This weekend, I heard the parable of the talents. You know, the one where the master leaves three servants with one, three, and five talents (money worth about a year’s wages)? Two of them invest the talents and double them, and the one with the smallest amount hides his talent out of fear, bringing on the anger of the master. Usually, when I hear this story, I think about how we are called to use our gifts and our talents in a way that grows, rather than hide them out of fear, but this time another part of the story just rang out as it was read. When one servant returns his doubled talents, the master replies, “Well done, my good and faithful servant. Since you were faithful in small matters, I will give you great responsibilities. Come, share your master’s joy.” (Matthew 25:21)

“Come, share your master’s joy.” Our gifts are wondrous and many. Whether it is our intelligence, our strength, our leadership, our kindness, or one of many other gifts, we are called to use them and build on them. When we do, the joy is not that we have more, but that we share in our Master’s joy. We get a glimpse into the beautiful work that He does, and are given even more opportunities to participate in it, and then more joy. It’s an incredible investment.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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