A little help?


A couple stood at the exit from church as I was leaving this weekend. Holding a sign asking for help with food and rent, it seemed a hopeful and reasonable place to be. I stopped and asked them if they knew that they were only a few yards away from someplace that could help them with much more than anything I could give them at that moment. The building they could see down the entrance road was filled with food designated for people in exactly their situation. It was a place that could connect them to resources to help them with their rent and bills. It was a place that would give them dignity and love as they brought them in with joy. They had stopped, but just a moment too soon. They had stopped within sight of more help than they were willing to ask for.

It makes me wonder. Sometimes when we think we are where we need to be, it is because that place has put us within sight of the blessings God has for us. Sometimes when we have done all we can, God has us within reach of someone that can do more. It’s a beautiful moment when we find it.


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One Response to A little help?

  1. I love that your church offers this. One of the earliest cracks in my relationship with my church – which does indeed have a sort of “helping ministry” as well as supporting several overseas missions – arose out of a story a friend told me. She and some others were working at the church on a Sunday afternoon and a ragged, “scary-looking” homeless guy knocked on the door and asked for food. They were “scared”. Ran to call my friend’s husband, who directed him to the homeless mission on the other side of town – a good half hour walk away, possibly more. This is a big church, with a nice big building that includes a big kitchen. There’s a big fridge always full of snacks for the pastors and staff. There’s tea, coffee. These people all had cars – the mission was a 10 minute round trip drive away. And they turned him away. “Giggle giggle so scary”. I was so very disgusted and saddened.

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