Good fear?


“Fear can propel you into action like no other emotion.” A friend of mine said this as we talked about my Bible study, Be Not Afraid. I generally think of fear as preventing action, but then I thought of my daughter. She has a pretty strong fear of heights, which is tough when combined with a hefty sense of adventure. So, I was surprised when she took us to a swimming hole this summer and showed us the rock she where she had jumped into the water. “Aren’t you terrified of that?” She replied, “Of course, I am. I just do it fast.” Sure enough, she started up, and I watched her gingerly pick her way to the jumping point. But once she got there, she jumped as quickly as she could. She loved the fall, but hated the height.

It made me remember that “fight or flight” is made up of two actions, not inactions. Fear can propel us, especially if we see something desirable on the other side of what we fear. We can spend so much time avoiding what we fear, that we may miss what God has for us in it. Sometimes, we just have to pick our way through to the jumping spot and jump.



About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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