A Sassy Bible Moment

I have to say that I really enjoy discovering some sassy moments in the Bible. This one just tickled me this week – Moses has taken the Israelites out of Egypt, given them the Ten Commandments, and they are on their way to the Promised Land. Miracle after miracle has happened, including receiving manna from heaven every day, and they complain. “Would that we had meat for food…But now we are famished; we see nothing before us but this manna.” (Numbers 11:4, 6) Seriously.

And Moses has had it. He goes straight to the Boss and says, “Are you kidding me? These people are demanding meat?” (not a Biblical quote) He accuses God of hating him for making him lead these crazy people, and finally ends with, (and this is actually the Biblical quote) “If this is the way you will deal with me, then please do me the favor of killing me at once.” (Numbers 11:15) Who knew that “Just kill me now” was a Biblical reference?

God sees that Moses is absolutely done and gives him help for the journey. It’s good to know that when I have gotten to my absolute limit, I can go to God and tell Him all about it. He’s heard it before  anyway.


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