I’ve Got the Key


I have a decorative key hanging from my rearview mirror. It seems a funny thing, and you would think that as a woman of faith, I would have something a little more religious hanging there. But, for me, it’s a very visible reminder of a lesson I heard about Gideon. He’s the one who was called by God as he was hiding from the people who were oppressing the Israelites, then told to get an army to free them. Of course, Gideon tries a hundred ways to get out of it, but finally assembles an army.

What does God do? Tells him to get rid of almost all of the army until he has only three hundred men. Not a lot when you’re trying to overthrow an occupying force. And, we’re still dealing with a leader who is not even close to a leader, in fact he’s a pretty big chicken. Not a good setup. But God can take our weakness and turn it into His strength. We don’t need an entire army. We don’t need all of the skills. We just need to be faithful and follow His lead. That is the key that opens the door to all kinds of grace. That is the reminder that hangs in my car every day. It doesn’t matter if I think I can do something. It only matters that God does.


Gideon being a chicken: Judges 6:11-40

God making it happen:  Judges 7:1-22


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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