Where is your heart?

I serve communion at our church, and in our training, they told us, “If you’re looking down the line to see how many are left so you can be done, it’s time to quit.” It’s a telltale sign that your heart is in the wrong  place. With your heart in the right place, serving communion is a beautiful moment where the world is centered on you, the person in front of you, and Jesus. Being a part of that moment is an incredible gift.

I thought of that as our priest this weekend reflected on the reading from Amos 8:4-7. God is pretty harsh on the cheating, oppressive merchants who wonder when the Sabbath will be over so they can sell their wares. Not only are they neglecting the poor, but they have forgotten where their first focus should be. We can be the same. As we sit in church, irritated that it is taking so long, waiting for the moment we can leave to get to the next thing, we forget why we are there. We miss out on listening to the quiet whispers that come only when our hearts settle. It’s a telltale sign that our heart is in the wrong place. If we can get it back into the right place, we can receive again the beautiful gift that is waiting for us each and every time.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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