It’s funny how sometimes all you need is an invitation to do something you had permission to do anyway. As I taught my middle school group this weekend, we talked about church, and how church is so much more than the building. Church is the community that we are given to help us live our faith, express our faith, and to find God in an ever deeper way. When we think of it, however, it is usually something external, something that we receive or go to be a part of. How often do we look and realize that we are the church? We are the community that welcomes or not. We are the community that supports and encourages or not. As much as we are offered, we can offer just as much. It’s really not a perspective that we have very often. But, when I explained it to my group, they couldn’t stop listing the ways they would build up the church, from inviting people to join our group to praying for others in need.

If these 11-year olds can do it, so can we. Just a small effort can produce great fruit. Invite someone to join you this week. Smile at the person behind you in church. Tell someone you will pray for them when they tell you they are struggling. You have been invited.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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