Stained Glass


This morning, I was sitting in the shadow of greatness as I had coffee with a friend of mine. His son was in a horrible car accident last spring and has had a recovery that is nothing short of miraculous. Now, this friend of mine will be the first to say that he is nothing but flawed, which makes listening to him all the more incredible. As he shares the strength that he and his wife have had throughout his son’s recovery, the moments that they were able to touch someone else’s life within it, and the insights that they gained into God’s faithfulness, it is plain that God shines beautifully through our imperfectly colored glass. No, my friend is not perfect, but he is perfectly open to God’s work in his life. No, he is not a Biblical scholar, but he has been listening to God’s word for a long time. He has listened to God’s whispers through Scripture and through the living witness of the people around him. And in his free claim to imperfection, God’s perfection is shining through. It is an amazing sight to see.



About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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One Response to Stained Glass

  1. Gina Poth says:

    Beautiful! This was a blessing to my day! Ahava, Gina

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